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Detian Falls's panorama, Vietnam

​Located in the Vietnam and China border, 60km away from Cao Bang city and 1,5 hour’s drive from one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam and in Asia, Minh Chau Resort will be Cao Bang’s first 4 Star international resort. This is the ideal place for any tourists to visit Cao Bang, to the countryside of Ta Lung with velvety and fervid voice of traditional folk songs. Not far away is the historic cultural Pac Po Cave, the region's famous tourist attractions such as Lenin Stream, Pac Po and Nguom Ngao Caves. We will also show you the colourful local festivals and village's traditional culture. Our company is ready to serve and be the tour guide to take you directly to beautiful places, new spaces and new lands.

Cao Bang city.jpeg

Cao Bang City

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Pac Po Cave_600.jpg

Pac Po Cave

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